Kgosi Moncho A Journey in Classical Pilates Training

Posted on July 8, 2024

Kgosi Moncho: From South Africa to Hong Kong – A Journey in Classical Pilates Training

Get to know Joburg native Kgosi Moncho, Hong Kong’s only Classical Pilates Guru who trained under Natasha Madel, a 2nd Generation Pilates Teacher in The New York Pilates Method

A Pilates expert who journeyed from South Africa to Hong Kong to become the city’s Classical Pilates Guru. With a rich background in movement and a unique story, Kgosi brings a special touch to Classical Pilates training at Flex Studio. Learn about his path from accountancy to Pilates, his transition from Contemporary to Classical Pilates, and his insights on teaching and living in Hong Kong.

Kgosi’s Pilates Journey

Kgosi Moncho first encountered Pilates after returning to South Africa from the UK. While working as a bookstore manager and dealing with lower back issues, he sought an alternative to anti-inflammatory medications. Literature on Pilates for back pain caught his attention, and soon he was attending mat and Allegro classes at his gym. His back pain vanished, and Pilates became a staple in his fitness routine. 

Transition to Classical Pilates

While swimming daily in South Africa, Kgosi met a Second Generation Master Trainer who worked with Romana Kryzanowska. This serendipitous encounter led him to become a “test body” for an exam, opening up a new world of Pilates exercises using different apparatus. He began training part-time and eventually decided to pursue a full-time career as a Pilates instructor, drawn by the flow and transitions unique to Classical Pilates. 

Teaching and Training in Hong Kong

Kgosi moved to Hong Kong in 2017, attracted by the city’s status as a gateway to Asia. He joined Flex Studio as a Pilates instructor, bringing his expertise in Classical Pilates. Over the years, Flex Studio has embraced more Classical Pilates practices, thanks in part to Kgosi’s influence. 

Kgosi’s presence at Flex Studio has been transformative. Clients benefit from his athletic approach and the rigorous training he received under Natasha Madel, a 2nd Generation Pilates Teacher in The New York Pilates Method. Kgosi teaches Privates, Trios, and Group classes, helping clients reach their performance edge with humor and grace.

Biggest Challenges in Pilates

Kgosi highlights the misconception that Pilates is only for women. This stereotype deters many men from experiencing the full benefits of Pilates, which include enhanced physical conditioning and injury prevention.

Rewards of Teaching Pilates

The greatest reward for Kgosi is seeing clients become comfortable in their own bodies, alleviating aches and pains, and improving their mental well-being. The trust built between instructor and client is invaluable.

Differences Between Classical and Contemporary Pilates

In Classical Pilates, exercises are performed with a flow and transitions that are often lost in Contemporary Pilates, where movements are frequently broken down into less recognizable forms.

Personal Fitness and Hobbies

Since moving to Hong Kong, Kgosi has taken up hiking, which is more accessible in the city compared to South Africa. He continues to swim regularly and enjoys exploring Hong Kong’s vibrant social scene. His passion for travel and culture is evident in his approach to teaching, bringing a global perspective to his Pilates classes.

How Pilates Changed Kgosi’s Life

Pilates has allowed Kgosi to combine his love for travel with his career. He finds joy in working with people from diverse backgrounds and helping them achieve their fitness goals. His journey from accountancy to becoming a renowned Pilates instructor is a testament to following one’s passion and embracing change.

Kgosi Moncho is a third-generation Classical Pilates instructor whose journey from South Africa to Hong Kong has enriched the local Pilates community. His classes at Flex Studio One Island South are a blend of athletic rigor and supportive instruction, helping clients unlock their full potential. To experience Kgosi’s unique teaching style, check his schedule and join a session at Flex Studio. 

Flex Studio Classical Pilates Training Program

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