All is calm, all is bright! Mums-to-Be enjoy Hong Kong’s Festive Season

Posted on March 5, 2024

Feeling frustrated at having to stay in Hong Kong over the festive season? It may seem as though all your friends are rushing off to glamorous locations, however, being “stuck” in Hong Kong awaiting the arrival of your little one, just might be a blessing in disguise. Without the pressure of having to pack up to catch a flight, the holiday season is the perfect time to sit back, relax and enjoy some down time. Take advantage of the quiet which descends on Hong Kong, and enjoy all the city has to offer – hassle free. It may be the last time you navigate the bumpy sidewalks without a stroller!

Here are some suggestions for savoring the city, with or without other children in tow:

  • Explore a new neighborhood you’ve been meaning to check out for a while
  • Try 3 new restaurants
  • Go to one of the city’s numerous cultural performances
  • Do something nostalgic and utterly charming Hong Kong, like ride the Star Ferry, take high tea at the Peninsula, or walk Lugard Path on the Peak.

All perfect for absorbing the festive atmosphere, with or without older children.

Closer to home, take time to appreciate your family – people we often don’t see enough, yet whom we love the most.

  • Enjoy your husband! Not having to entertain hoards of relatives and/or shuffling around your home country making sure you visit each and every distant cousin allows you to relax and enjoy each other in advance of your new arrival
  • Bake holiday cookies, wrap presents and make Christmas cards with older children to bond before the baby arrives
  • Nest! What a great time to clear out clutter and re-organize the house, including the baby’s nursery. Cathartic and necessary all at once.

Make time for YOU! We know – the mommy martyr act starts well before baby arrives, even if it isn’t your intention. Be sure you stay on top of your body’s physical needs, as well as mental peace of mind.

  • Exercise!! Take as many pre-natal classes as you can, and explore what feels good for your body. Try to establish a routine of classes you can maintain when the frenetic pace of HK life resumes in January.
  • Eat well. Take time to prepare delicious meals in your kitchen and teach those who support you to do the same; when baby arrives you will always have a beautiful meal awaiting you in the fridge.
  • Read that novel that’s been on your shelf for a year, begging to be cracked open. Really.
  • Take a picture of your beautiful belly! You’ll be surprised how often you secretly look at this picture as the years pass by….

Happy holidays!

For the mums-to-be:


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