Amanda Khamkoon

Posted on March 5, 2024

Amanda Khamkoon

Having grown up in sunny California, Amanda has always embraced a heathy & active lifestyle. After years of working long hours and constant travels in her corporate job, she decided to switch careers after having kids.

Through seeking to reclaim her pre-pregnancy physique despite time constraints, she discovered her passion for Xtend Barre in 2012. What initially drew her to the workout was the full body focus and its remarkable ability to shape and tone her muscles effectively. However, she further realized it offered more than just physical benefits The exhilarating routines not only made her fitness journey enjoyable but also boosted her strength and stamina, allowing her to keep up with the energetic demands of parenthood. She received her Xtend Barre certification in 2014 and Polestar Pilates certification in 2016.

Amanda loves pushing herself and her clients to their maximum potential, so expect a dynamic, energetic, sweaty & fun workout! 

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