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Posted on March 5, 2024

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What’s the best way to look radiant at your wedding? Be super healthy, feel great physically, mentally, emotionally, and let that inner self-confidence shine through. Xtend Barre has become a go-to for brides and grooms who want to feel jump-out-of-their-skin amazing on their big day, says Cheng-Fang Wu, Flex’s amazing Xtend Barre instructor.

“Brides and grooms want to feel good about themselves and glow in confidence on their special day,” says Fang. She describes Xtend Barre as a full body exercise routine that scuplts long and lean muscles, relieves stress and lifts your mood.

Look good
“Physically, everyone has different areas they would like to target in terms of shaping or improving, which is what makes Xtend Barre so perfect for brides- and grooms-to-be.”

It’s an easy –to-follow class, with sections for each part of the body making sure everything is covered.

“The class consists of a quick warm up to bring your heart rate up. Then upper body sessions use light weights and resistance for sculpting and toning, while lower body sessions at the barre work on different muscle groups in the leg. And then there’s a core session at the end for an abdominal challenge. It’s a fast pace class for a full body workout without bulking up, instead creating long and lean muscles.”

She says that her students’ body awareness always gets a boost too. “They can feel the intensity of the class. The soreness from the workout helps them to be more aware of many smaller muscles they never used before. The cardio aspect of the exercise helps for fat burning. It’s one efficient choice of a workout that will meet their needs in just one hour, which is great when you have a busy schedule. Plus it’s always fun.”

“The first time I tried it, my legs were shaking uncontrollably, and I thought I was fit then!” she remembers. “It’s up to you to hold an uncomfortable position while your legs are shaking, feeling the muscle burning and getting fatigued, but not giving up.”

Feel great
Of course it is that mental challenge that leaves you feeling so satisfied and happy.

“To be able to make it through another class, to stay honest to your own body, bear the pain and be willing to challenge yourself more and more, it’s a big achievement and so rewarding when you see the progress,” says Fang.

But the class is so much fun you will be able to achieve much more than you think. “Xtend Barre makes sure you have a hard workout sweat session with some fun as well. It keeps you occupied for the whole hour, creating a temporary escape from your life and acting as a stress reliever. It is a hugely satisfying accomplishment when you make it through. You’ll walk away with an increase in energy and will feel so good about yourself when you see the improvements happening.”

Xtend Barre for the boys…
It’s not only the brides who can benefit from Xtend Barre. Fang has a number of men in her class and they like the results just as much. ‘’Xtend Barre is a kick ass, full body workout that makes a nice change from the usual gym routine. Instead of the usual big muscle group work with heavy weights, you’re challenged with small muscle group stabilizing work. Coordination and balance go hand in hand with toning and strengthening. And a bit of musical training might do go down well for the first dance too!”

How long should you Xtend Barre for?
Of course once you start you’ll probably be addicted and want to continue. But to look good and feel great for your wedding, Fang recommends including Xtend Barre in your weekly workout routine a couple times a week consistently for at least a month.

“And I’d recommend Pilates classes as a good compliment to Xtend Barre to make sure you have time to quieten down in a slower paced environment and increase their awareness of your body.”

Check out the Xtend Barre Bride to Be package at Flex here and come and join us as part of your wedding planning.

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