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Posted on March 5, 2024

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Sometimes the thought of lunch is all that gets you through a long, busy morning of work. But swapping a leisurely gastronomic sit-down for a power-hour of fitness ticks your daily workout off the list, and even better, leaves you feeling far more energized and positive for the afternoon. If that alone wasn’t enough to persuade you, read on for a laundry list of advantages that come with a midday workout.

Weight loss
Powering through a class will of course consume calories, but it will also burn your post-workout lunch more effectively and increase your metabolic rate. You’ll also find the intense rehydration post-workout helps curb hunger pangs. It’s a virtuous circle that just keeps on turning.

Less stress, more productivity
Concentrating on the physical during a class takes your mind off other issues helping de-stress the mind. At the same time the increased circulation carries more oxygen to the brain, energizing the mind for increased clarity and productivity. And exercise boosts endorphin levels too, feel-good chemicals meaning you’ll be a nicer, more tolerant and diplomatic colleague back in the office post-workout.

Wellness on the mind
With a routine that includes a workout at lunchtime comes a more healthy-conscious attitude and lifestyle. Pack your gear in the morning and you might find yourself choosing a healthier breakfast, avoiding snacks and ordering a nutritious, rather than comforting, lunch and dinner, without even thinking about it.

Best lunchtime workouts
With limited time you’ll want to push the intensity levels as high as you can, a strategy that is proved to have fast results. Plus you’ll find you’ll be able to increase the intensity as you get fitter, increase your muscular capacity and still reap great energy levels post-workout.

Here are some of Flex’s options that are perfect for lunchtimes:
HIIT Cardio Body Blast
Fat Burn Pilates Allegro
Pilates Allegro
Yoga Core Flow

At Flex our lunchtime high intensity classes take place in Aberdeen and Central. Choose from our 50- to 60-minute classes available between 12pm and 2pm by checking out the schedule here.

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