Chocolate … without the Guilt!

Posted on March 5, 2024

We know it sounds hard to believe, and we are not trying to tempt you into bad habits, but Pana really is the good-for-you chocolate; it’s made with coconut oil, unprocessed agave, and is organic and sugar, gluten and dairy free. Most of all, it tastes truly delicious!

However, the story behind the family owned business that distributes Pana, and many other organic products in Hong Kong, is a little out of the ordinary.

In 1999, Ada Tam visited Hong Kong from Canada to support a friend whose husband had been diagnosed with late stage cancer. Eager to help, she searched high and low for some basic natural products to help boost his immunity, but to no avail.

It had long been Ada’s dream to spread the word about natural health care and prevention, and this obstacle provided the motivation for her to carry it through to fruition. In 2003 she picked up roots and moved to Hong Kong to set up a company that would dedicate itself to sourcing and supplying authentic organic products in Hong Kong.

Initially supplying only one product; Dr Udo’s oil, Ada and her daughter, Denise, have now built the business and supply a range of over 13 brands and 8,000 products to the market.

Authenticity and quality have always been their priority, and the mother and daughter team make a point of physically visiting and assessing the ingredients, processes and working conditions in each of the factories that supply their products. They do our reasearch for us!

Given Pana chocolate by a friend as a gift, Ada was hooked when she first tried it, particularly when she learned not only is it hand made in Melbourne, Australia, but it is raw, organic, has low GI, doesn’t contain dairy or refined sugar and is naturally sweetened with unprocessed agave nectar. As if that isn’t enough, it also comes in 9 delicious flavors including, orange, mint, sour cherry and vanilla, and coconut and Goji!

Always on the look out for new healthy products, Denise says “We understand that it’s not always easy to eat healthily in Hong Kong, given the busy pace of life, however, it is our personal mission to help people achieve optimum health through proper education and easier access to healthy alternatives without feeling deprived or restricted”.


The Tam personal mantra is to make the effort to live healthily, eat good food, laugh, and enjoy life!

Pana Chocolate is now available for sale at Flex studios.

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