Posted on March 5, 2024

…personal motto of Yamuna Zake, creator of the Yamuna® Body Rolling practice.

Flex was thrilled to host Yamuna’s first visit to Hong Kong in November with a series of workshops, during which she shared her fresh approach to opening and strengthening the body through her Yamuna Body Rolling® technique. Yamuna has literally dedicated her life to understanding how the body works and how to create positive change in others through what she has learned.

Body Rolling is designed to improve posture and alignment, prevent injuries and heal areas of the body that experience the most wear and tear. By teaching you how to “work on yourself,” you become your own best therapist anytime, anywhere. This very powerful self-fixing and maintaining tool can be done by anyone, regardless of age or physical limitations.

We caught up with Yamuna, to hear about her past, and plans for the future:

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I originally hail from California, but have resided in New York for many years. In fact, I opened the third Yoga Cente in New York in 1976.

How did you become interested in Yoga?

I was first introduced to Yoga when I was only 14. It was 1960’s America and the Beatles psychedelic era was in full swing. Many people were seeking out alternative states of consciousness – I decided to take the healthier path and immersed myself in Yoga.

Did you ever expect to have the following you do now?

I am always challenging myself and strive to learn. I have made it my personal goal to help people become as free as possible and reach their personal best. I expect Yamuna Body Rolling to be known as a lifestyle long after my time, much in the same way as Joseph Pilates.

How have you personally benefitted from Yamuna® Body Rolling?

I literally have a better body at the age of 60 than I did when I was 30. I have increased body awareness and experience far fewer injuries. I have also dramatically improved my lung capacity – did you know that most of us use only 25% of our breathing capacity?

Why do so many people need Yamuna Body Rolling today?

You simply need to look around any city in the world to see the high level tension, drive, and push. Even our children’s lifestyles have changed dramatically. Every person needs to develop body awareness and learn how to release tension to stay healthy.

Where do you see your practice going in future?

I am always thinking of the next project and the next part of the body to focus on and help – hips, hands, and wrists … these are my next areas of focus.

What did you enjoy about your visit to Hong Kong?

The shopping is fantastic! I also had the amazing opportunty to experience (sublingual) tongue accupuncture – incredible. I make it a point to seek out the most alternative (or traditional, depending on how you look at it) therapies available in every citiy I visit.


Do it because you can!

Flex studios will begin holding private sessions and monthly Yamuna® Body Rolling workshops in both Central and One Island South from January 2015.

Email Flex at for more information.

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