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Posted on March 5, 2024

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There really is no downside to going on retreat. A welcome and well-deserved escape from the urban jungle, a retreat offers a stress-free zone where your shoulders are finally able to drop from somewhere around your ears and your mind slows its rolladexing of chores, deadlines and responsibilities. You learn new skills, you bathe in vitamin D and various spa therapies, you delight in beautiful, tasty and nutritious food. And what’s best, it recharges you for a fresh perspective on life when you return home.

However good, bad or ugly our lives are, we all need an escape every now and then – change is as beneficial for the mind and spirit, as the body. Thailand is one of Asia’s most paradisiacal destinations, where you are nurtured by Mother Nature, spa therapists and beautiful sunshine – and green curry! Feel your body relax, your mind calm and your spirit soar.

Yoga and Pilates are natural bedfellows. If you already like what Heather and Michelle bring to their classes in Hong Kong, you’re going to love their dual approach at the retreat. Enhancing your knowledge of your own body, its strengths and challenges, its needs and wants, its unexpected talents, the intensity of practice powerfully deepens your practice and is worth weeks’ of single classes.

Life runs away with you when you’re locked into your usual routine. It takes some downtime and peace to quieten the relentless monologue and listen to your inner voice. Let the first few days pass, get into the rhythm of the retreat and then listen. Only then can those all-important hopes and desires, ideas and solutions, dreams and goals be heard.

There’s nothing wrong with a little pampering me-time. In fact the healthier you are, the better you feel and the happier you are will pay back directly to friends and family when you return home. Factor in time for spa treatments to enhance the benefits of the classes, time for lazing around in the pool, time for dipping into that book you’ve been meaning to read, time to gaze at the sunsets then the stars.

We don’t have to remind you how rejuvenating a break from stress can be, not to mention life changing and even, in some cases, life-saving. Add in the healthy boost vitamin D offers, the sunshine kissing your skin for a radiant glow. And the menu of largely fresh, healthy, vegetable- and fish- based food feeds the body, mind and spirit from the cells up.

So what are you waiting for? Treat your exhausted self to a wellness holiday with your Flex family from November 1 to 6. The Restore and Re-energize Retreat takes place at Absolute Sanctuary on Koh Samui, a long-established yoga and detox favourite with retreaters around the world. Heather and Michelle will be bringing their double-whammy of yoga and Pilates expertise, each class harmoniously building on each other, to fast track your understanding, flexibility, strength and on-going physical (and mental) alignment. Two special breakout mini workshops on understanding the core, foot mechanics and alignment are included, as are sessions on Pilates Allegro machines. Spa treatments, outstanding healthy food and sunset evenings that feed the psyche also on offer… Read more here.

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