Flex Special Event

Posted on March 5, 2024

Flex Special Event

Direct from New York, Yamuna Zake will teach you to “work on yourself”
and become your own best therapist anytime, anywhere.
Forever. With just a ball.

For the first time, Yamuna visits Hong Kong to share this powerful tool, for just three days, 13-15 November 2014.
Learn Yamuna® Body Rolling, in which the ball becomes the hands of the therapist and the person’s weight creates the traction, movement and release on the ball. This very powerful self-fixing and maintaining tool can be done by anyone, regardless of age or physical limitations.


Central | Island South

Yamuna® Body Rolling | HK$800*

Thursday 13 November | 2pm- 4pm
Saturday 15 November | 1pm- 3pm

Yamuna Body Rolling is a fresh approach to opening and strengthening the body. Become your own effective massage therapist and learn to make a ball your tool to give your body correct alignment and free its energy. Yamuna will teach both basic and advanced routines using her line of Yamuna balls (available for separate purchase prior to the workshop) to elongate muscles, release the spine, improve alignment and deepen the breath. Your body will feel liberated and free after this workshop!

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Save Your Hips with YBR | HK$600*

Thursday 13 November | 4:30pm- 6pm

Over a lifetime we load tremendous pressure on our hip joints, often causing lower back pain, sciatica, hip pain and wearing out of the joint. These problems can be avoided if we learn how to correctly perform activities we love without stressing the joint, to enjoy a lifetime of healthy hips. This workshop will teach you what your joint needs to maintain its full range of motion, balance, and ease of movement to keep hips strong, flexible and powerful.

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Save your Back and Shoulders | HK$1000*

Friday 14 November | 11:30am- 2pm

Do you have tight shoulders with a limited range of motion? Lower back pain? If you have suffered from either, this class is for you. Learn how to properly open the shoulders and integrate spinal mechanics to correctly allow full range of motion with no impingement. Participants will also learn to correct spinal imbalances and maintain a strong, healthy back by correctly working supporting abdominals.

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Yamuna Foot Fitness | HK$600*

Saturday 15 November | 3:30pm- 5pm

The fee provide essential support and balance for the rest of the body. Learn routines to raise your arches, realign your ankles and improve toe flexibility for a better workout. This workshop will educate participants on proper foot function, how to improve gait, alignment, prevent and correct common foot problems and maintain strong, flexible ankles and feet.

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