How Do These Brides to Be Stay In Such Good Shape?

Posted on March 5, 2024

We sit down with FLEX instructor Zoe Park and loyal client Feier Wang ahead of their big day to talk about the two important P’s of their wedding preparations: planning and Pilates!                                                          

Preparing for your wedding can be stressful and overwhelming — especially in the midst of a global pandemic. With such an enormous load on your plate, it’s easy to let taking care of yourself fall by the wayside. Workouts are skipped and replaced with more pressing tasks on your to-do list, such as locking in a venue or finalizing your guest list; hours of sleep are lost. If there’s anyone who understands exactly what it takes to do all this, it’s Feier and Zoe.

In our interview with these lovely brides to be, they open up about wedding planning in the time of COVID and the importance of staying fit and healthy throughout the preparation process. Let’s hear about how Pilates has helped them, not only in keeping in shape before the big day, but more importantly, in relieving stress and anxiety during this very busy time.

Feier and her fiance on their wedding registration

First off, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! How are the preparations going?

Feier: Thank you so much! With COVID, planning has become trickier as we plan to have our first and main wedding in Ireland in August 2022. Luckily we found this amazing wedding planner who has gone above and beyond to make sure everything moves forward smoothly and on time.

Zoe: Thank you! We hadn’t planned on a big wedding in the first place, so it’s been quite easy so far. Especially with Covid, we expect it to be small and simple but memorable.

What has been the hardest part about the wedding planning process so far? What has been the most exciting?

Feier: The hardest part is that I can’t visit the venue physically, and even my wedding dress has to be shipped over! But the whole process is quite exciting as we slowly start to see it all come together.

Zoe: It’s been hard to accept that there’s a big chance that my fiance’s family and friends won’t be able to make it to our wedding in Korea due to travel restrictions. Apart from that, every step has been fun and exciting.

Zoe Park says, “working out makes me feel so good that I would make time for it however busy I am.”

As a bride to be, you must have a lot on your plate with all that. How are you able to squeeze in time to workout?

Feier: I find at home workouts like Mat Pilates efficient. I also work from home so my time is more flexible, which allows me to go to the studio more. Utilizing segmented times throughout the day really helps me to get my workouts done.

Zoe: Proximity is key for me! Luckily Flex Studio is five minutes’ walking distance from both my home and office. Also, working out makes me feel so good that I would make time for it however busy I am.

What is your pre-wedding workout regimen like? What are your go-to exercises to stay fit for the big day?

Feier: I’m quite an active person, so I do a variety of exercises to keep myself motivated and entertained. I do Pilates two to three times a week as a base, and then I do horseback riding or tennis once a week to be outdoors, and hopefully squeeze in some weight sessions in between.

Zoe: Pilates is my main workout for sure, I’ve been practicing at least three times a week as usual. For variety, I run and do barre classes at Flex too, which is super fun.

Feier Wang is a Senior Financial Analyst at a a security trading and brokerage firm

How long have you been practicing Pilates and what keeps you going?

Feier: I have been practicing Pilates consistently for about one year and a half now. It’s literally my favourite exercise to do, and it makes me so happy!

Zoe: Regularly, about for four to five years. Apart from the obvious benefits to my body, Pilates improves my focus, mood and strength. I can’t ask more from a workout! Also, the fact that I can feel completely exhausted after only one hour, and learn from such a varied and comprehensive system, have made me completely fall in love with this exercise!

How has Pilates helped you prepare for the wedding?

Feier: Since Pilates has become such an important part of my life, other than the “keeping me in shape” part, it also helps me to stay on a schedule so that I won’t get too carried away with so many things to plan at once.

Zoe: I think it helps me feel grounded, regardless of any additional events going on in my life. I always go back to the studio and forget everything else except for the exercise I have to do at the moment.

For Zoe, staying fit and healthy is a lifetime goal

What makes Pilates a good exercise for brides and brides to be compared to other programmes?

Feier: First of all, I think Pilates is an excellent exercise for everybody! It helps you to be in shape of course, but it also helps with your overall health – especially the spine – tremendously. Pilates is never too intense, so you won’t hurt yourself, and it’s a great tool to slowly and steadily build a strong foundation for your body and mind in the long run. So for the brides and brides to be, I think it’s a wonderful thing to incorporate Pilates into their busy and stressful schedule.

Zoe: Pilates is a great full body exercise; it definitely helps one gain confidence in their body and health. For brides and brides to be, there are so many new chapters upon us… having good stamina and strength prepares you for all both physically and mentally. Developing a better posture that will show on your big day is just a bonus.

How important is it to stay fit and healthy as you prepare for the big day?

Feier: Finding the right exercise and activities you love is key! I love doing Pilates, playing tennis, and riding horses. When doing each activity, it never feels like a chore that I must do but rather the highlight of the day that I look forward to. Doing something you love while getting in shape is the best feeling, and it will always boost your mental and physical energy. “Yay! I get to take Heather’s class today!”

According to Feier, “Doing something you love while getting in shape is the best feeling”

Zoe: Being fit and healthy is a lifetime goal of mine, so I try to continue what I’ve been doing without feeling pressure about the timeline. I am just happy that I’ve found my go-to studio and can continue the journey there.

Lastly, any tips for other brides to be on how to best get in shape for their wedding?

Feier: Don’t put too much stress on yourself, set realistic goals and achieve them one by one. Your results will come slowly but surely!

Zoe: Start early as possible! Don’t make your body go through any dramatic change in the short term. Make sure to enjoy the process!

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