How Flex Pilates Helps Your Do Everything Better

Posted on March 5, 2024

An increasing number of Singaporeans are realizing the total body-mind benefits of Classical Pilates and Flex’s premium equipment-based classes.

At Flex, we believe it has to be Pilates that’s done the way the man himself intended.

Why? In this ‘sound bite’ generation, the exacting system of what is termed Classical Pilates offers phenomenal life-long benefits that go much further than when you’re in the studio.

This is because – when correctly undertaking Classical Pilates – clients learn from proven basics and build on that. They become part of a global team of people who share a skill that benefits their everyday life, whether that’s walking, running, lifting, sleeping, playing sport or generally feeling better overall.

Ask Singapore-based Jennifer Kan, a keen swimmer who started at Flex post-Covid in 2022.

“My sister introduced me to Heather (Flex co-founder) and I started private sessions – at first – to help me get stronger all around. I’d had a health issue a few years ago and could not do any high-impact exercise, especially where it involved jumping, as I had a fracture in my back. Pilates was perfect.”

Jennifer took her time to get the basic technique right.

“With Heather’s patient but very strict instruction, I got stronger and stronger. I was able to swim a lot longer without being tired. I think what surprised me the most was how I could now make linkages between Pilates movements and swimming more efficiently.”

When she swam, Jennifer was engaging different muscles, which made the swim more effortless.

“I now look forward to a good 60-minute trio class where I whizz through the exercises, especially as each week’s focus is different.” She also attends a weekly private if time allows, so she can focus on the more challenging movements.

“I can go through the technique at my own pace, learn to correct and help train my muscle memory to reinforce my practice. Love it.”

People like Jennifer don’t have to force themselves to work out. They want to do it, because it has become an enjoyable element of their daily life.

As Flex Studio co-founder Heather Thomas Shalabi explains: “This is happening the world over as all ages and genders realize the power that Classical Pilates can have on not only moving better generally, but improving mental focus too.

“Whether they are runners, tennis players, golfers, swimmers, dancers, teens or adults with ADHD or simply like working out at Flex, for that one hour or so that they are focused on their Classical Pilates sequences, they are not ‘in their head’, worrying or ruminating,” says Heather.

When you stick with a carefully choreographed Classical Pilates flow class, every element of your body and brain is working together to ensure you get the most from the session.

You can’t switch off from how you are moving. It’s not unlike the way a dancer is trained during choreography.

As clients progress, so too does their confidence, their strength and their desire to try more challenging versions of the exercises.

Flex Singapore trainer Sofia Bosque concurs: “I think -specifically for Classical Pilates – knowing that it is a system, and every exercise relates to other exercises, this helps people stay motivated to continue as they will see their progress clearly.”

It comes as no surprise, then, that a recent Mindbody survey found that 70 per cent of Singaporeans said they preferred a boutique studio to a traditional gym or health club.

As Heather says, it’s like being part of a more focused troupe. After a while of being slowly introduced to the way Pilates works, you come to class and you know what the instructor expects. Your foot work, alignment and the way your equipment is handled become part of the pleasure of being part of and understanding this international movement culture.

In recreational sport, marathons, triathlons and so on, people know that they need both physical and mental discipline.

With Classical Pilates, you get that and you get some time to slow it all down, feel your body doing what it should and then afterwards, taking it out there to improve everything you do.

“In fact, I know that when you stick with Classical Pilates, everything you do is simply better.”

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