How Pilates Helps Me Balance My Life

Posted on March 5, 2024

With Caroline Wong


One year in and Caroline Wong can’t get through a week without Pilates. Working conveniently close to the Flex Studio at One Island South her posture has improved, she’s learned the importance of breathing and ultimately loves the balance and sense of peace her practice brings.

I have been a fan of Flex for the last ten years. I remember meeting Heather after having my first baby and I was in awe of her, but the timing wasn’t right for me to regularly work out as I was traveling for my job at that time. I also had reservations about Pilates preferring Yoga instead.

However, since moving to One Island South for work, I have had the benefit of working out at lunchtimes and over time have learned to love Pilates. I have been practicing Pilates now for approximately 12 months and have noticed the difference, and feel weird without practicing it at least twice a week.

Your body awareness now?
At first, I preferred Allegro Pilates using the equipment, as I was not very strong around the core. I like the idea that Pilates strengthens and tones the little muscles, some of which haven’t been used for the last 20 years. It also gives me more flexibility, similar to a yoga practice.

Since practicing Pilates, I have also noticed my posture is better and I have a renewed sense of wellbeing. I have learned that breathing is important in practice, being aware of your breath, zipping in your abdominal muscles and focusing on the push and pull of tension that exists.

Best benefit from the practice? 
I have always suffered from neck and lower back pain, and the practice has strengthened the core muscles that when weak contribute to the pain.

Plus, I am sure I am not the first to say that when I joined Pilates it was for a flatter stomach, but with today’s stress and distractions and chaos my goal is to look for a personal state of peace to make sense of what is going around in our lives. Pilates has become a viable tool to help me balance my work, home and family life.

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