It’s Week 8 of Our Summer Series – Yoga!

Posted on March 5, 2024

Welcome to Week 8 of our Summer Series Videos! As promised, this week, yoga guru Victor Chau shows us more of his prowess on the mat, so you can continue to work out when on holidays. As with all yoga poses, ensure core is engaged before and during the movement, take it slowly and most importantly, breathe (ideally, in through the nose and out through the nose). If any of these poses are too challenging, you are injured or in pain, modify to suit.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Next week, we move on to FLEXtreme Director Andrea Ramirez, who will inspire with four weekly videos of some of her most effective fitness moves for all-over body toning and weight loss.

Here’s Victor:

  • Low cobra (rest head on elbows to one side) – Stretches  shoulders, chest and abdominals, decreases lowerback stiffness, strengthens arms and shoulders and increases flexibility.
  • High cobra.
  • Locust pose (hands together, palms pressed).
  • Locust pose (hands apart) – great for lower back pain(strengthens the muscles along the sides) arthritis of the knees (strengthens the leg muscles).
  • Extended locust pose.
  • Bow pose – stretches entire front of the body while strengthening every muscle in the back. Improves postureand spinal flexibility.


  • Child’s pose – stretches hips, thighs, and ankles while reducing stressand fatigue. Gently relaxes muscles on the front of the body while passively stretching the muscles of the back.
  • Seated forward bend – calms and helps relieve stress. Stretches spine, shoulders, hamstrings and can improve digestion.
  • Reverse table top – strengthens arms, wrists and legs. Strengthens the core musclesaround the hips, abdomen and spine.
  • Reverse table top with leg extensions.
  • Seated cross-legged with palms facing up – calming, strengthens the back, stretches knees and ankles.


Victor is running an intensive Workshop for Yogis on the weekend of September 1-2 at Flex, One Island South. If you’re a new yoga teacher seeking to learn more, find your ideal teaching job and become the best instructor possible, this is your chance. Read more here:


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