Joann Ng

Posted on March 5, 2024

Joann Ng

Former banker turned Pilates instructor, Joann made the career shift to share her love of this amazing movement system. Years ago, she accidentally discovered Pilates at a trial class, not knowing what she’d signed up for. Joann was amazed by the rehabilitative effect Pilates had on old injuries she sustained as a swimmer and gymnast, which she’d assumed would be with her for life. She was further convinced of Pilates’ transformative effect when she practiced throughout her three pregnancies, and was impressed with how it helped with fluid retention, backache prevention and core strengthening. Pilates also brought mindfulness and body awareness, which she could apply to daily life.

In November 2022, she decided to take the Stott Instructor Training program to deepen her practical Pilates knowledge; in August 2023, she enrolled in the Classical Pilates Teacher Training program at Flex Studio, and is undergoing 3rd Generation certification.

As an instructor, Joann focuses on strength, endurance, mindfulness and awareness. She hopes to journey alongside her clients in the quest for mindfulness and mobility. 

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