Kazuyo Forrer

Posted on March 5, 2024

Kazuyo Forrer

Originally from Japan, Kazuyo Forrer is a certified Yamuna Body Rolling practitioner with Yamuna Foot Fitness Part 1 Certification. Before discovering the Yamuna method, Kazuyo believed that having chronic back pain, stiff shoulders, etc. were unavoidable and part of every person’s ageing process. However, she continued to search for  systems to reduce such problems. During her first Yamuna Body Rolling session, Kazuyo noticed her persistent stiffness melt away, and by the end of the session felt as if she had created a totally different body. After such a positive encounter, it wasn’t too long before Kazuyo decided to pursue a training course to learn more.
For Kazuyo, the Yamuna “body sustainability practice” is an essential part of her life, keeping her uplifted on a daily basis. “I am very grateful to be given an opportunity to share the beauty of the Yamuna method with clients through Flex Studio,” she says.

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