Nailing the January Fitness Challenge!

Posted on March 5, 2024


Flex’s January Fitness Challenge #JanuaryJumpstart saw a group of members complete 15 classes in 30 days. Laura Paul of Healthy Living Asia was one of them. With two jobs and a family at home, it was a month of juggling commitments, but she never considered not finishing. “I was definitely excited to make fitness a priority,” she said. “I know now that I can do make fitness a priority and still manage work and home.”

What motivated you to take up the challenge in the first place?
I took up the #JanuaryJumpstart challenge with FLEX Studio HK to explore what it really meant to make fitness a priority juxtaposed to all my other daily requirements. I’ve been on a six-year healing process from a former ACL injury (knee ligament) with no reconstructive surgery. In December I signed up for my first 8K-race since the injury. I wanted to explore how classes might complement the training for the race.

Did you have any nervous moments wondering if you were going to make it?
I knew I would make it to the end, the question was how tired I would feel! As the weeks went on, and commitments started to come back into play, factoring in two different jobs plus being present for everything at home, I knew it would be an interesting time. I was definitely excited to make fitness a priority. I’ve been wanting to run again, and I knew that everything needed to be strengthened in a more efficient and thoughtful way than before.

How did the challenge start for you?
I didn’t realise it at the time, but I subconsciously chose classes that progressed in difficulty. I really loved the first classes, how they focused on body positioning and core strength; areas I knew needed special attention in order to make running more successful.

What aspects of the challenge and classes most motivated you?
There were so many little bits of motivation. I was definitely self-motivated to see the month through because it was an experiment on my own capabilities, plus weaving fitness into everyday life as a priority. By the end, I felt mentally stronger because I felt physically stronger.

I really appreciated all the instructors I had. Trixie was always so high energy; Heather really focused on the technical benefits of strength, position and lengthening every muscle while giving a background to why each movement was important; Kimberly figured out how to make an hour of core exercise pass by quickly. And Charlotte with her realistic approach to yoga – I was motivated by her goal of just getting people to do yoga, it made her classes much more approachable.

There were so many more instructors, but I really was inspired by each person’s story, their approach to the class and their true desire to get people into the movement for each participant’s benefit.

Did you have any tough moments?
Interestingly I never did want to give up, I think because I viewed the month as an experiment. Every instructor encouraged everyone to do what they could on that day, no matter how tired we were. It made me work harder because I was there!

Did you miss any days for any reason?
I did have to miss one day just because of timing. But we have a rebounder in our house, so I tried a YouTube video rebounding class. That was fun, too, but I did feel like I missed out.

How did you feel by the end?
Physically and mentally I felt stronger. I believe when we feel strong in our bodies, it also strengthens the mind. I was a bit tired by the end of the month juggling everyday life, but I know now that I can make fitness a priority and still manage work and home. I definitely want to come back to FLEX more regularly. My posture and general fitness were so much improved. And I would like to see how my children might handle a similar challenge with the after school classes, as well.

Laura Paul is the Founder of Healthy Living Asia, the premier source for quality, curated articles on natural health and wellness. For more information, visit Healthy Living Asia, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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