Pilates Day 2016 at Flex Studio

Posted on March 5, 2024

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Every year the world celebrates Pilates on Pilates Day, the first Saturday of May. Across the globe community events and promotions honour the legacy left by Josef Pilates and the healing he has brought to millions in the past, as well as today and going into the future. Flex Studio will be celebrating this day throughout the month of May, so come in and take advantage of our promotions and freebies! 

“Pilates Day raises global awareness of a discipline that trains the body and mind, to the benefit of absolutely anyone and everyone,” says Heather. “Creating a special day also connects the international Pilates community as a whole including teachers, studios and all practitioners. Significantly, this helps us all realize just how many people actually practice this discipline – young and old, women, men and children… Ideal for all it is an amazingly democratic discipline.”

Pilates’ benefits
Throughout the blogs published over the last few years we have highlighted the amazing benefits, physical and mental, of a regular Pilates practice. Here are just a few:

Regular practice brings an improvement in posture, balance and flexibility, and helps the body work as a whole without excessive strain on any particular muscle group. It adds body strength and endurance and teaches body awareness. The result is sleek muscle tone in the body, which looks lean and tall. It also balances imbalances, creating symmetry in the body.

Pilates is good for everyone, whatever their level of fitness or lifestyle addressing modern day problems like chronic back pain, sciatica and frozen shoulder, planter fasciitis, insomnia and many more issues. It also helps with more mundane activities, such as sitting at a desk without pain as well as carrying groceries with a safe back, AND nailing your workouts and improving athletic performance, whatever your sport.

Pilates demands focus on the breath and body, while using the brain. Known as ‘the thinking man’s exercise,’ the mind-body awareness Pilates builds has been found to increase the brain’s power and memory.

Pilates at Flex
“I hope this event will raise awareness among the general Hong Kong population that Pilates should be practiced by everyone, shifting the perception that it is an activity only for women,” says Heather. “We offer so many variations of Pilates classes at Flex, and always hope to get more men, teens and kids to join those already practicing!”

In honour of Pilates Day on May 7th, we are celebrating throughout the entire month of May at Flex!

  • Try out your very first Pilates class and we give you 50% off
  • Book a Pilates consultation (20 minutes) and it’s absolutely free
  • Buy a Pilates package and you’ll get a free stretch band
  • Attend a Pilates class in May and you’ll automatically be entered into a lucky draw to win a private Pilates mat class for you and 6 of your friends

Click here to read all about the amazing offers we have in store during the month of May.

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