Pilates Is The Activity That Brings Us Together

Posted on March 5, 2024

As part of our ongoing series, we find out why some real people have taken to the popular practice of Pilates, and how it has helped re-shape their bodies, improve strength and sports performance.


Here, Marylene and Thomas Poullaouec, originally from Brittany, France, tell us how their hectic Hong Kong lifestyle forced them to reassess and prioritize what’s important; namely spending time together and keeping fit as they got older.


We were looking for a sport that we could do together: (Marylene was practicing Yoga, while Thomas was running and playing Tennis). We visited our uncle and aunt in Australia and found out they were practicing Pilates to improve their physical condition, and the results were impressive, never mind the fact that they were in their seventies!

Moreover, Pilates was a great way to improve Thomas’ stretching capabilities for tennis (which were non-existent at that time) and to reinforce his core muscles. For Marylene, the goal was to get rid of back pain and muscle tightness amongst other things.

Your Body Awareness Now?

We started our journey with Pilates at Flex in 2011 and haven’t been disappointed.  Each class focuses on various (and sometimes unknown!) parts of the body.

Pilates brings an awareness of basic, yet important daily routines: breathing, body alignment, and posture correction. Thomas has also discovered that he can now touch his feet without folding his knees!

Best Benefit from the Practice?

In addition to spending quality time together, we are also working on our inner bodies. Even when we’re tired, Trixie always finds ways to keep us going, thanks to her DJ’ing skills.

For us, as a couple, the best benefit is that we stay fit, and we hope to continue like that until our seventies, just like our grand aunt and uncle!

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