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Posted on March 5, 2024

Q: What motivates you to workout?
A: It’s really hard to focus on yourself when you’re teaching six days a week. Most days I wake up at 6am and start teaching about 7.30am. After a long day, it’s difficult to do your own workout. I try to be organized about it. I have two dogs so they get at least one good walk a day. I walk 20 minutes to work and 20 minutes home again when I get back to Sai Kung. Apart from that, I try to focus on improving one Pilates exercise each week. Plus, I try to do two hours on my own (it doesn’t always happen!) On top of that, I teach eight Pilates classes a week – doing a lot of the workout with the clients – AND I teach a few Body Sculptor classes. You really have to plan at the beginning of the week and fit it in where you can.

Q: Tell us about your diet?
A: I try to eat a healthy diet Monday to Saturday and eat whatever I want on a Sunday. I was vegetarian for many years but have recently started eating meat once a week. I love cooking so I cook mostly at home. I don’t buy processed food and make everything from scratch. We have lots of veggie smoothies and I really try to make sure we get 10 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. My downfall is crisps!

Q: Can you give advice to someone who has never done a group class?
A: Take a couple of private sessions first, just so you can go over the basics. Don’t feel bad about starting with the basics and don’t compere yourself to others. Just work at your own pace. Everyone is different so don’t feel bad if you can’t do an exercise very well. Give your body and brain time to work things out. There are still some exercises that I’m not very good at too! Don’t feel embarrassed to ask the teacher if you don’t understand something.

To see Linday’s class schedule, please go here.

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