Post Natal Pilates with Selena

Posted on March 5, 2024

1) Congratulations on having your baby! What is the biggest change you saw in your body post baby?


2) You re-started your Pilates regime 5 weeks after delivery! That’s amazing! #坚持 How did you manage to be ready to start working out again soon after delivery?

因为产前也一直有坚持运动做普拉提 可能已经成为生活的一个习惯生完宝宝后我感受到身体需要做运动身体需要被拉伸.同时我觉得我需要有一些自己的时间,away from taking care of my newborn.

3) Now that your baby is 7 months old, do you feel like you have regained your pre-baby body? Or perhaps you feel stronger than you ever did? (mothers are super humans after all)


4) Any advice for new moms looking to get back in shape?


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