Q&A: Detoxing in Hong Kong with Flex Studio

Posted on March 5, 2024

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Though you may have only heard of it recently, detoxing is not a new thing. Over the last 10 thousand years, humans evolved on periods of both feasting and famine. Truth be told, having a continuous abundance of food is only a modern day situation that goes back just 50 years. 

Former competitive gymnast turned nutrition professional Jessica Williams has been leading detox programmes for almost a decade now, and gives us much-needed information on why we need it. (Also read: What is detoxing and why should we do it?

“History and science have shown that it is natural for the body to experience periods of fasting,” says Jessica. “Religions and cultures around the world make use of cleansing, and there is a reason this has been a practice for thousands of years.” Let’s find out more from her in the following Q&A:

How long have you been running detox programmes? 

I have been running detox programs regularly since 2011. Last year was the first programme I ran at Flex and we had a great group and the programme was really successful. The feedback was that they would like to do the programme two times per year. I love hearing that participants enjoyed the process and gained a lot from our methodology here!

Who should be detoxing and why? 

Almost everyone can safely do some form of detoxing. Programmes can vary from a liquid diet to one that focuses on eliminating problematic foods – it’s easy to adjust based on individual needs. 

Intensive programmes, however, are not advised for kids, pregnant women and recently post partum (within six months) or anyone with a heart condition. For someone with a heart condition, an ‘elimination diet’ would be perfectly safe. Otherwise, just about anyone can follow a six-day detox. 

Is detoxing popular in Hong Kong?

I don’t think detoxing is that popular in Hong Kong. I think there was a phase when it was a fad and people here into it but it seems that has fizzled out. I really want to help people experience the benefits so they can make it a regular part of their life. 

What is a nutrition consultation? How do you analyze or understand each client’s nutritional needs?

This is a one-on-one session where I get to sit down with a client and go through their health concerns and issues and talk in depth about their diet and lifestyle. I make recommendations for steps that would improve their health and together we set health goals. 

What are the supplements included as part of the programme and what are they for?

The detox is largely food-based, so many of the products needed for it will come from your local grocery. The supplements I have covered in the programme include the Body Awakening TrueGreens powder, which is a blend of superfood greens and probiotics. Greens are nutrient-dense and support the liver in detoxification. They provide minerals and vitamins during the detox; the probiotics support gut and immune health. 

Participants will also use a powdered GI revive and Liver-G.I. Detox capsule from Pure Encapsulations. GI Revive contains flax seeds and psyllium seed husks along with an herbal blend that supports intestinal motility, gut integrity and elimination through the colon. Our liver works endlessly to detoxify and often can become overburdened and sluggish. I’ve included the Liver-G.I. Blend to support our liver in both phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification. It is an incredible product that contains amino acids, antioxidants and herbs that specifically target liver health and function. 

Why did you decide to include yoga in the 6 Day Detox programme? 

Detox happens on many levels and it is necessary to address our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health… many things come to the surface when we detox. Yoga certainly aids our physical detox through movement and sweat, but it is also a wonderful way to detox our minds and emotions, and what we store emotionally impacts us physically.  

Flex Studio in partnership with Sweaty Betty are holding the Summer Detox & Cleanse Programme from 17-27 June 2021 at Flex One Island South in Wong Chuk Hang. Reset your digestive system and reboot your body with daily detox yoga classes, a meditation workshop, individual nutrition consultations and more, plus get a Sweaty Betty goodie bag worth HK$650 when you sign up! flexhk.com/programs/detox

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