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Posted on March 5, 2024

Holidays can take a toll on our bodies, even extreme health nuts.  There is enormous temptation to let regular body exercise and eating routines slip over the holiday season, leaving us more depleted at the start of a new year.  Overindulgence in alcohol, salts, sugars and lack of sleep can leave us feeling sluggish, low in energy and unmotivated.  Enter the mighty Detox…

Here, Michelle Ricaille explains why Detoxing is the first step to starting the new year afresh and getting back on track

Why do a Detox?

Over the past two decades, we have seen substantial changes in the quality of the food we consume on a daily basis – pesticides and antibiotics are added to most produce, processed foods are more commonplace, and no one can seem to give a conclusive answer on which water is the safest to drink.

When we are exposed to these toxins on a daily basis, our body needs an oil change, not unlike a car, to keep the engine running smoothly.

Cleansing with a detox means we are abstaining from and ridding the body of toxic and unhealthy components.  We can then replenish with healthy, nutrient filled ingredients to increase immunity, energy levels and even improve skin condition.

How can a detox make you feel?

As with most changes in behavior, the first few days can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you normally like your morning coffee.

However, it won’t take long until you get used to eating fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and legumes alongside drinking lots of water and herbs to cleanse the digestive system and liver.

In my experience, clients very quickly feel a dramatic change in their overall wellbeing – energy levels increase and they feel lighter and thinner.  By the end of the detox, the number one comment I hear is how fresh and amazing skin feels and looks, without any skin care products.

Detoxing makes you feel healthier from the inside out!  It is also an educational process, during which you learn about your body’s response to various types of foods – which ones make you feel better or worse, more or less energy.  In this way, a detox can help you make subtle, permanent changes in eating habits which can improve the way you feel year-round.

Chloe Mizuta  –

“I joined Michelle’s detox program last year out of curiosity. Everybody talks about detoxing and its benefits so I wanted to experience it for myself.

On the first day, I thought that Michelle would tell us to go on a liquid diet and just starve ourselves for a week. I was wrong: for a week, I only ate healthy, nutritious and non-processed food. I stayed away from meat, dairy and soy products and the result was pretty surprising: I was not hungry and I felt great. I also realized that I had been suffering from dairy intolerance for most of my life. Since then, I haven’t eaten any dairy products and have switched to coconut milk as a substitute for cow’s milk.

Michelle not only talked about detoxing, she also had a whole section – amongst others – dedicated to gluten, which was extremely interesting and enlightening as my second daughter, at that time, suffered from intestinal problems that I couldn’t explain. Thanks to Michelle’s program, I finally found out why my daughter complained of stomachache every day.  She took a food allergy test and the result was positive: she had intolerance to eggs, dairy and gluten.

As a result, for the past year, we have stopped eating those foods, and I am very happy to say that since then we have been antibiotics-free (yeah!) and my daughter has gained her energy and stomach back.“

Transform yourself in 2015

6 day detox workshop by Michelle Racaille

Homeopath and EYRT-500 Alliance Hatha Yoga Instructor

19- 24 January 2015

In this complete detox, you will cleanse the digestive system and liver- the body’s two most important detoxification organs- with special herbs and tonics sourced from the United States. Learn how to control the mind’s cravings and weakness through pranayama and meditation, and how food and chemicals affect the body and mind.  Includes daily lecture and yoga practice, as well as supplements.

For more information visit:

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