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How to Get Red Carpet Ready for the Holidays

Posted on March 5, 2024

Christmas is a great excuse to go glam, connect with friends and loved ones and show much we care. It’s also a time when we may feel run down and run off our feet.

Despite how busy it can be, there is no better period to be making time for regular self-care. By taking a few moments to switch off, we not only stay healthier, but are a happier, less frazzled version of ourselves. And, we look fabulous!

Isn’t that what a holiday is really meant to be about?

According to Headspace – the meditation and sleep specialist – “By doing small, mindful acts, we can maintain a sense of calm and balance, no matter how hectic the festivities might get. And when we practice self-care during the holidays, it can be surprising how quickly we can begin to experience the benefits”.

As you may do before any big event, put in a little planning, schedule in the appointments and simply enjoy. You’ll love the results in the mirror, too!

Here, Heather and a few in the beauty and wellbeing industry give their top tips:


If there is one sure fire way to look and feel better fast, it’s a great hair style. At Flex, we highly recommend you visit The Big Blow, one of Singapore’s best known hair and makeup salons – and just three minute-walk from Flex Studio.

The Big Blow, they offer everything from a weekday blow out to full event hair and makeup. Among other amazing services are colour and cut, and their signature Super Smooth Blowout, one we strongly suggest you check out before a special day or night.

In the countdown to Christmas, take advantage of their exclusive offer for Flex Studio clients only. Purchase a package of two blowouts for $130 and receive a complimentary Japanese Collagen Moisture Treatment each time (valued at $120 per session).

This is also a great opportunity to meet The Big Blow founder, Ellie, relax in the chair, and get your hair in tip top condition for the festive season.

To book : +65 90102370 or


A great facial is more than just relaxation. With the right skin care and therapist, you can achieve that all-important glow, destress, and put a spring in your step.

According to study results reported in the User Science Institute in Japan, the results of a 45-minute facial massage (including hydrating cream and steam treatment) on women aged 20 to 40 showed that facial massages significantly reduce anxiety and negative moods.

During the massage, parasympathetic nervous activity is activated, which helps you rest and slow down.

The authors concluded that “these results suggested that the facial massage had strong effects on stress alleviation, or psychological relaxation” .

Over the years, we at Flex have offered Dry Skin Brushing Workshops in our Hong Kong studio, and we are still big fans of this practice.

It’s especially effective after a workout and before a night out. This targets cellulite, dull and rough skin and encourages better penetration of your body products into the skin.

“Dry skin brushing is a fast way to improve skin texture and fast-track a detox,” says Heather. “It has similar effects to Lymphatic Drainage. Always use a specialized skin brush made with natural bristles and rub the arms and legs gently in a circular motion, always towards the heart.” 

Heather says to perform this 3-4 x per week before showering, and try massaging with diluted essential oils of lemon, cypress, cedar and grapefruit, to really stimulate lymph and blood circulation.

Thinking of getting a spray tan? The experts at The Big Blow say that exfoliating is the first and one of the most important steps when it comes to preparing your body for a tan. 

Exfoliation removes old skin cells on the body. The old skin cells can leave the skin dry and rough.

Afterwards, a fresh new layer of cells is exposed, leaving your skin looking renewed and fresh. These cells leave a consistent surface on your body – perfect for an even, streak-free tan.

For dry skin brushing and exfoliation, the Elemis Body Detox Brush is considered to be one of the best choices on the market. Get in now before the Christmas rush! 

After your next session at Flex Studio Singapore, we suggest nipping down to Cecilia Westberry Spa Tanglin Mall, in Singapore WA +65 9739-2530 (our favorite is the Tendon Facial Massage) and in Hong Kong, A Sense of Touch, both offering a multitude of excellent facials and very close to the studio.


That sparkly LBD will look fantastic on you, but even better with toned, strong legs! It’s never too late to aim for a leaner, longer and healthier body, and at Flex, that’s what we do.

For super sexy pins and triceps to match, Heather suggests Pilates exercises done often, done properly with the kind of personal advice from your trainer we offer at Flex, especially as you gain strength and advance your exercises.

As Heather says: “If you tend to bulk up when you work out, Pilates is an ideal strength-training programme for you. Pilates exercises accentuate the length of the limbs and change bulky muscles into longer and leaner ones. In general, Pilates exercises should lengthen your muscles and make you look taller as well. Now tell us you don’t want that!”

And how about that slinky strapless dress? Great posture is definitely a Pilates benefit, and also gives you a lot more confidence when you step out in something special.

“Better posture is something pretty much guaranteed with a consistent Pilates practice,” says Heather. 

“This change will be noticeable after only a few Pilates workouts. Some important rules to keep in mind include pulling your navel in toward your spine, keeping your head balanced on top of your hips (not forward or behind) lengthening the back of your neck, keeping your shoulders back and down while keeping your back wide.”

We have inspiring Christmas specials and vouchers available. Gift you or your loved ones with one of our special festive gift voucher.

The sale period only runs until 25 Dec 2023, so get in now. Go to Flex Studio website and simply click on the Flexmas Gift Certificates.


We all accumulate makeup application habits over the years, some of them good and some of them not so good. It really pays to get the job done professionally once in a while, and with the right touch, provides a mood boost that makes you look and feel great – and ready to be the life of the party!

Ideally, you want to look like yourself, but better. Expertise and product quality have improved dramatically in the last decade or so, and with makeup now designed to highlight your skin, refine and contour, a natural yet polished appearance is so much more achievable.

If you prefer to do your own makeup for a special occasion, one of Heather’s most important steps, she says, is to prep the skin beforehand. 

“To nail a sophisticated makeup look, you need to have a strong skincare routine.

“Illuminate your face and always, always utilise that mascara. A volumizing wand really works wonders.”

Or try a professional application service. As we at Flex have found, the information received on colors, formulas and techniques is invaluable.

And at The Big Blow, it won’t break the bank. A Full Natural Makeup is $89, Smoky Eyes Full Makeup is $90 and – for those in a rush – Express Makeup (eyes only) is $58. 

To book : +65 90102370 or

Most importantly this season, take the time to spoil yourself, whether that’s with a Pilates session followed by a blowout, or a facial after your pre-natal Trio. It’s your Christmas, too!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Flex!  

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