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Posted on March 5, 2024

By Yamuna Zake


Yamuna Zake is 60, but you’d never know it. Her body and her energy belie her age, but most of all her face is so radiant it just doesn’t seem possible. Her secret is no secret – she is famous for inventing Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) and Yamuna Face Rolling. Her face balls, when applied in a regular routine to various areas of the face, stimulate not only the skin but also the underlying muscle and bone, toning and conditioning the complexion. Learn how to turn back the clock in as little as 15 minutes a day at her upcoming Save Your Face workshop on 22nd October, the first time she has introduced it to Hong Kong.

What is face rolling all about?
When I am doing the Save Face work regularly, everyone asks me what I do to keep my face so youthful. However, we do not say it prevents aging. Instead we say that stimulating and aligning bone and then working the muscles helps prevent the natural aging process from showing itself so visually. The more you lift and align the bones, the better muscle and skin tone you will have.

Is there any scientific proof that it works?
Science is now beginning to speak about direct bone stimulation and how this might be an important area to focus on when it comes to the face. Cosmetic surgery means very little when bone loss begins. Unfortunately women lose more bone in their faces than men, as there is a high rate of osteoporosis in the facial bones.

How often do you practice face rolling yourself?
I usually do Yamuna Save Face about three to four mornings a week. I do for anywhere from five to 60 minutes.

Which exercises do you usually practice?
It depends on how much time I have and what I wish to focus on. The more detailed work around the eyes and mouth require more time. If I am just doing a whole face general treatment it will last about 15 minutes. I will change the focus many times per year. Sometimes I want to minimize the little wrinkles in the upper lip, sometimes I feel eye strain from hours at the computer and so I focus around the eyes, other times it might be to relax the TMJ, but mainly I do general sessions to keep the entire face brighter and lifted.

What other benefits does face rolling bring?
It definitely makes me aware of relaxing and not going into old patterns like frowning or squinting. If I begin to do these old patterns, I can quickly stop. If I have not done any face work for a while, and I do it, I realize just how good it is. Then I begin again to do it regularly because it just makes me feel and look better!

Do you still see the difference in your face after all these years?
It makes a big difference in the bone, muscle and skin most definitely. I am 60 so I do have my wrinkles, but after doing face rolling, my whole face is more relaxed, my skin’s quality is improved, my eyes are wider open and my face feels lifted.

What is it you like most about teaching others body and face rolling?
We have hundreds of testimonials about the face work. People that experience it are very impressed. Helping people become healthier, pain free and freer in their bodies during their aging process makes me very happy.

Yamuna will be in Hong Kong from 21 – 25 October with a full schedule of Yamuna Body Rolling classes. Check out her Save Your Face class, in Hong Kong for the first time, on 22nd October at One Island South.

Yamuna Body Rolling
21 October | 12pm – 2 pm | One Island South
21 October | 3pm – 5pm | Central

Save Your Hips with YBR
22 October | 3pm – 4.30pm | Central

Save Your Face
22 October | 6pm – 7.30pm | One Island South

Save Your Back & Shoulders
23 October | 11.30pm – 2pm | One Island South

Yamuna Yoga
23 October | 2.30pm – 4pm | One Island South
24 October | 1:30pm – 3pm | Central

Yamuna Foot Fitness
24 October | 3.30pm – 5pm | Central

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