TEEN XTEND BARRE© – A cool workout to challenge everyone while having fun!

Posted on March 5, 2024

Teen Xtend Barre©

Hope Patterson, Flex’s teen ambassador, is super excited to see Teen Xtend Barre© on the Flex schedule, and explains what it is about the class that she loves so much.

I’ve wanted to do Xtend Barre© since I watched my mum and aunts take the class. It looked like so much fun, but at the same time hard work!

What I love the most is that during the warm up I get to use 1lb arm weights, which is adds some new lightweight training to my fitness regime. Apart from the weights, the main benefit for me is that the class itself is split into focusing on different muscle groups, which really compliments the technical training I do in dance.

Of course Xtend Barre© isn’t just for dancers or super fit people. The class boosts your overall conditioning while improving your posture and flexibility, and that’s good for everyone.

I love the opportunity to mix cardio with strength, which is great for sculpting lean muscles. My absolute favourite move is the ‘clam’. All the arm work, and the ball series at the barre is really challenging mentally, and I just love the muscle shake/burn that I feel.

Xtend Barre© is also really great for me socially because I get to see and spend time with my friends during class, which is difficult usually as we all have super busy schedules after school. Physically, it’s a great conditioning class. I also think that the music is cool. It really gets the heart pumping.

Friends that have just taken Xtend for the first time say they feel exhausted but energized. We thought we were fit and strong until we did Xtend Barre©!


Teen Barre at Central! NEW!

Barre class is a low-impact, total body workout designed to create a uniquely strong, firm, sculpted body. Taught at a fast pace to get hearts pumping, Teen Barre boosts the metabolism to burn fat, strengthen and sculpt arms, tone the waist and improve the posture. Glutes, thighs, calves and ankles are strengthened through barre work. Ballet barres, light weights, and various props are incorporated into the workout.

Tuesdays | 4pm | Central
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Teen Barre Special Class
with Trixie Velez
16th May | 11:45am -12:45pm | One Island South

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