The Cheek!

Posted on March 5, 2024

Compact, cute, colorful and barely there, the Cheeki thongs sold at Flex have been singled out by Cosmo magazine in the US as the busy girls go-to undies when out and about.

A little bit lacy, a little bit practical, Cheeki is great for every day, a special night out or under your fashion forward fitness wear.

Read all about it in Cosmo by clicking here.

The Stashable
News from the Sealed, Sexy, & Stashable world of Cheeki Underwear

Hey Pretty!

Cosmo’s September ’14 issue has beautiful Lucy Hale on the cover… and Cheeki undies inside! Ever wondered what to throw in your bag “just in case”? Cosmo has you covered with the “Shack Pack,” featuring everything you need to primp after a night on the town.

Protip: also bring your biggest pair of dark sunglasses!

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