The One Thing That Changed This Dancer’s Body – For The Better

Posted on March 5, 2024

Katie Duff was a professional dancer and aerial performer at Disney parks in Japan and Hong Kong. To the observer, she was at her physical peak.

But something wasn’t right with her body. She was bulky in some areas and not feeling particularly fit.

“I was doing the same thing every day (as a performer) but not doing enough cardiovascular (work),” says the Flex instructor, who adds that parts of her body were weaker than others due to the repetitive nature of her routines.

On top of this, she was looking for a career change, something that would still allow her to work in the fitness industry. But she was stumped.

A chance introduction to an Xtend Barre© class on a visit to Australia, however, soon changed her life.

“After just one class, I loved it so much, I knew I wanted to train to be an Xtend instructor,” says Katie. A trainer at Flex since last October, she now says that “the biggest benefits are that I have slimmed down, I feel like I move better and most of all, I am stronger in the areas that were weaker, namely my legs. I also have improved posture and flexibility.”

She now teaches three classes a day at Flex and despite being the instructor and therefore not a full participant, Katie says her fitness levels are unprecedented.

So what is Xtend Barre©? Quite simply, it’s Pilates and dance amplified with unique choreography, aiming to enhance flexibility, improve balance and challenge the core. Many of the sequences are derived from ballet. As instructors stress, however, you do not need to have dance experience to do the class. There are modifications throughout to ensure all levels can participate.

But even more importantly, Xtend exercises have seen Katie’s energy levels soar, which is how she keeps up with so many classes per day.

“I also eat small meals regularly, with lunch being my biggest meal of the day and dinner being relatively small. But I don’t diet. Still, I feel leaner and longer because of Xtend.”

Flex’s Xtend Barre© Challenge starts in April. Buy either 15 or 20 Xtend classes ($2900/$3700) and receive a special Xtend Barre© gift.

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