The Ultimate Gift?
Show How Much You Care

Posted on March 5, 2024

It should be easy, but buying the perfect holiday gifts for loved ones can be challenging.

Every year we face the same confusion. Do we buy something practical or merely beautiful? We may want to splash out, but aren’t sure if it’s what they’ll want, use, or wear. Perhaps we have a budget, but don’t want to appear to be scrimping.

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years both personally and professionally, the ultimate act of love is to show that special someone how much their lifelong wellbeing (both mental and physical) means to you. In essence, a perfect solution is a gift that is an act of love. One that says ‘I know who you are, what you want and am giving you this to show you how important you are to me.’

This holiday season, what better way to honour your special someone than with the gift of wellness? After all, health is wealth, and at Flex, our goal is to guide all our clients to stay healthy for a lifetime. With true wellness comes the benefits of increased energy, quality sleep, greater strength, balance and flexibility, and better performance at work and in your chosen sport.

For us, our client community means more than just the hour-long workout we spend with you; we want you to live the workout, live the lifestyle, reap the benefits. You are not mindlessly pounding a treadmill in a half-hearted attempt to just lose weight. Our goal at Flex is holistic health that you utilise in and out of the studio in every facet of your day-to-day life. Clients tell us they become addicted to learning how to perfect their sequences. And we know what they mean. With the Classical Pilates method and our ongoing programs that aim to encourage a range of related healthy habits, Flex becomes a part of their routine. Experts agree that a routine is the only way to ensure you obtain maximum wellness, and one of the best ways to ensure you stick to a routine is ensure that you enjoy it.
Thus, our workshops, wellness staycations, nutritional promotions and seasonal specials are designed to ensure you always keep learning and take control of your health.

This year we’re offering a Staycation program and gift vouchers, to help solve your holiday gifting dilemma. Work out together, work out as a small group, or work out one-on-one with a trainer. Regardless, you’re transferring wellness knowledge that stands the test of time.

When you gift a Flex voucher, you are welcoming loved ones to the club. As we see over and over again, our clients love the results: they walk taller, feel and look stronger, improve posture, have greater injury prevention and improved sporting prowess, and are introduced to a welcoming, like-minded tribe of Flexians.

Choose a true act of love this holiday season, and experience the reciprocal benefits of gifting wellness. 

Happy Holidays, from Heather and The Flex Team.

FLEX Staycation Holiday Offer

Your New Year’s resolution can be a reality! Make Flex your playground this holiday season and experience transformation in the new year.

Enjoy unlimited group classes at very festive prices!

Hong Kong

Unlimited Off Peak Classes at HKD 3200.

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Unlimited Group Classes at SGD 688 (valued at $860)

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FLEX Mas Gift Certificates

Share the gift of fitness this festive season!
Gift your loved ones with one of our special gift vouchers.

More details on Hong Kong and Singapore Gift Certificates.


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