Top 3 Barre Moves For The Ultimate Sculpted Arms

Posted on March 5, 2024

Shapely arms are limbs of absolute beauty. And there’s something about having lean, toned arms that adds exponentially to how sexy you’re feeling. Just take a look at Anna’s arms – to emulate them is all about strengthening and stabilizing. Read on to find her three top tips on how to get the very best out of your arms.

  1. 90° LIFTS

Muscle focus: biceps and deltoids
Objective: strengthen shoulders and biceps

Set up: With small 1 or 2lb weights in your hands, stand with your feet parallel, a slight bend in the knees. Lift your arms up in front of your body to a 90° angle. Stop when your elbows are at shoulder height with your palms facing each other.

Action: Lift your arms an inch and lower an inch. Continue to pulse for 8 to 16 counts.

Add on: With your arms remaining in the 90° angle, open them to the sides and return. Continue to open and close for 8 to 16 repeitions.

IMG_7901_sq IMG_7904_sq


Muscle focus: Deltoids and Pectoralis Major
Objective: To develop trunk and scapula stabilisation

Set up: With your feet in parallel, weights in your hands, extend both arms up in front of your body with the palms facing down. Bend your right arm, bringing your right hand under the left elbow. Lift both arms up and down an inch for 8 to 16 counts.

Add on: Maintain the shape of the arms and twist the torso to the right and return for 8 slow and 8 high-tempo repetitions.

IMG_7905_sq IMG_7910_sq


Muscle focus: Triceps

Objective: To develop trunk and scapula stabilisation while strengthening and toning the triceps and upper arms

Set up: Step one leg back into a lunge and bring your body into a long neutral diagonal with your arms back beside the hips, weights in your hands. Palms should be facing in.

Action: Lift your arms up above hip level and lower back to the starting position, staying in the challenge zone for 16 counts.

Add on: Circle the arms 8 times each way, then bend and extend the arms keeping your elbows where they are in space for 16 repetitions.

IMG_7915_sq IMG_7916_sq

Join Anna at one of her wonderful Xtend Barre classes and start your own journey to perfect arms.

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