Tryphena Chia

Posted on March 5, 2024

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Tryphena Chia

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Tryphena is one of a few handful of 500-hour certified Baptiste teachers in Asia. Over the last decade, Tryphena has invested many hours in training with Baron Baptiste, both as a student, and as an assistant in his trainings. She has led numerous workshops, retreats, as well as teacher trainings over the years.

These days, Tryphena’s practice has shifted from being asana based to a more holistic and complete practice. T. loves to incorporate more chanting, pranayama, philosophies & meditation into her classes so that people can get to experience a fuller aspect of the practice rather than just merely chasing after the next pose.

T’s journey into Pilates started due to an injury from weight training she was unable to practice yoga the way she used to. She wanted to heal her own body instead of going to expensive physio sessions & that’s when she decided to give pilates a try & was delighted to walk away from the session without pain. Even though yoga & pilates are completely different, Tryphena feels the benefits in both systems & decided to study more about pilates because this is another way to help others. Tryphena sees this as a lifelong journey of learning & helping others & is delighted to compliment her yoga teaching with pilates.
T is now undergoing the 7th cycle of Real Pilates Teacher Training and is offering apprentice private sessions at both One Island South and Central studios.

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