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Posted on March 5, 2024

You workout, you eat well…do you want your skin to look as healthy as the rest of your body? Here, we ask Dr. Stephen Kirkham from Dr. Lauren Bramley and Partners how Ultherapy can take years off your look – with no downtime!

Q Ultherapy uses ultrasound to lift and firm. Can you please explain how it does this?

A Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy, able to penetrate many times deeper than competing technologies (such as laser or radio frequency) to achieve an extremely thorough and precisely targeted thermal injury which ‘turns on’ our bodies natural healing and rejuvenation processes.

Q Ultherapy is FDA-approved, but for how long and who created it?

A The Ulthera machine was developed by an American company that had done extensive studies first to prove and then to refine this treatment. Having completed the multi-billion dollar‎ safety and efficacy studies, it was provided with FDA Approval in 2009 for “Lifting and Tightening of the Face & Neck.” Essentially this procedure is tried and true, which is what today’s patients are looking for. In January of 2014, Ulthera was granted an additional FDA-Approval (using a different attachment) it is now approved for “Skin Resurfacing” as well (similar to well-known competitors such as Pixel and Fraxel.)

Q Is there pain associated with the treatment?

A Ultherapy provides a very deep and thorough treatment, so to ensure my patients are comfortable during the session, I bring them in early for some pre-medications and cover them in a topical numbing cream.

Q Will I see immediate results?

A Patients often notice some immediately tightening and firming after Ultherapy, but the main long-lasting dramatic benefits develop as the body healing begins to take place usually about two weeks following the treatment. This will continue in a progressive and very natural-looking fashion for months, leaving patients very satisfied!

Q How long will the results last?
A While we are unable to stop the hands of time, Ulthera can certainly turn it back. Following treatment, a client will show dramatic lifting and tightening for 3-6 months. Some studies show that they are still producing more collagen 12 month following treatment and that the collagen is or‎ganized in parallel bundles as it is in young skin. Most patients feel their skin looks at least 5 years younger following Ultherapy.

Q Are there any side-effects?

A Side-effects are very minimal or non-existent following Ultherapy. As ultrasound penetrates the surface layers of the skin without damaging them, it achieves an intense and deep treatment, leaving the skin intact – in other words, there is no downtime!

Q Do I need one treatment or several to get results?

A We can achieve the dramatic and pleasing results described above after a single Ultherapy treatment. Ultherapy is safe, and for those who like the results, it can certainly be repeated. My recommendations are to do it annually. Interestingly, we are coming up to having our Ulthera machine for a year and the very best endorsement I can give for the treatment is that the patients that I did a year ago are all lined-up to repeat it!

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