Walking Wasn’t Enough To Keep Me Strong

Posted on March 5, 2024

As part of our ongoing series, we find out why real people have taken to the popular practice of Pilates, how it has helped re-shape their bodies, and improve strength and sports performance.

Here, Triska Childs, originally from Melbourne, Australia, tells us how she tried Pilates after realizing that walking her dogs alone would not keep her in shape and maintain her youthfulness.


Prior to arriving in Hong Kong eight years ago, I never exercised regularly.

I know none of the girls I do Pilates with now would believe it, but I was hideously shy as a child, which somehow prevented me from participating in any sporting activity, even though I have always been quite physically strong.

Within a couple of years of arriving, I thought if I didn’t do something now I would crumple up into a stiff old heap.


After almost five years of doing Pilates, three times each week, I am far more flexible, feel stronger than ever, and my posture has improved.

I also feel that my body is far more toned than it was five years ago.


I think the best benefit is the overall feeling of wellbeing, physically and mentally.  From a mental perspective, my confidence in my abilities and concentration has definitely increased.

Physically, I am using my core strength and flexibility to best advantage.  It’s amazing to get out there and hike over the Dragon’s Back with my gorgeous dogs – Hettie and Harley – I feel better than I did when I started 5 years ago.

An added bonus is being able to workout in the beautiful atmosphere of Flex Studio, with instructors who take such a personal interest in our progress and physical wellbeing.

And of course, all the great gals I’ve met!

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