What’s In My Fridge

Posted on March 5, 2024

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Why is everyone talking about new FLEXtreme trainer Andrea Ramirez? Is it the boundless enthusiasm and energy she gives to all her clients? Or is it her ready smile and an obvious love for her job?

It is all of the above, and probably because she likes to keep it real.

Here, we take a sneak peek into her refrigerator and find out that the mother to a 16-month-old son loves a chocolate biscuit – or two – as much as the rest of us (and note, she has not hidden the bottle of white wine from the center and front of her fridge door) while also ensuring that she eats for optimal health the majority of the time.

Here, Andrea tells us what she keeps in her fridge:


“There are always Tim Tams for cheat days, fruit and vegetables (broccoli, sweet potato, capsicum and beans) from the wet market or from City Super, lots of (pre) boiled eggs, coconut water, Australian milk, quinoa, Australian chicken and meat, light cheddar cheese and halloumi, which I love.

“I always have small homemade, gluten-free quiches (homemade) corn-based tortillas and plenty of lemons – as I drink a glass of warm lemon water on an empty stomach every morning for better metabolism.

“From Monday to Friday, I have a healthy approach to what I eat and drink with lots of fruit and vegetables and a big and healthy breakfast (see her pancake recipe) and on weekends, I relax a have a glass of wine, eat a Tim Tam or two. It’s all about balance.”

Much like her FLEXtreme classes. See the full range of Andrea’s sessions here: https://flexhk.com/andrea-ramirez/

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