Why do you Xtend?

Posted on March 5, 2024


At Flex our Xtend Barre classes are always popular and this April we will be launching our annual Xtend Barre Challenge. The mix of Pilates with dance and creative choreography that is constantly changing and evolving makes it fun every time and, best of all, results are dramatic and come fast. Join our challenge of attending 15 to 20 classes in 30 days and you’ll get a Xtend Barre tee, tank, socks or bottle. Way to meet your summer fitness and body goals!

Our clients love Xtend Barre for improving their flexibility and posture, toning muscles they never knew they had before, and for the high-energy challenge it brings, which leaves them full of energy in turn, not to mention grace. Here they share what they love about Xtend Barre most of all…

“If I’m taking the time to workout, I want that time to be enjoyable and I like to be challenged,” says Pim Sereika. “As a physiotherapist, it’s also important to me that my exercise is safe and effective. Xtend Barre covers all my prerequisites! I love that the sessions include a mix of strength and endurance as well as cardio training. I always come away from class with shaky legs, but having had fun and feeling energized.”

Amanda Whitfort has been into Pilates for over 15 years. She loves it still, but was looking for a new challenge to surprise her body and mind. “Xtend Barre has met that challenge. It truly does extend your body! I had thought I was straightening my legs properly in Pilates but only when I started Xtend Barre did I really understand what leg lengthening required.

“The barre work is also really improving my posture and the dance sequences keep the class interesting. I really believe it works wonders, and the proof came when I took a Zumba class in Australia with my sister recently. The instructor had us on points and my relevé was right up there with the best of them!”

Sandra Hagege came to Xtend Barre classes with a foundation in ballet, for which she still holds great admiration, and completes her training with Pilates classes too. “What I like about Xtend Barre is that it is a complete work, and that requires me to push myself to my limits, not only to improve each movement each time but also to work on my posture and overall wellbeing. Despite my years of training I am far from perfect and will continue to go to Xtend Barre classes as I will never get bored of them. I feel that every part of my body is more slender, elongated and strong, especially my legs and butt. I hold my head high and feel proud of my body.

“Heather is a great inspiration for me, because she makes you feel a sense of detail in each and every movement, and that is what motivates me.”

Leila Chiang is a two-year Xtend Barre fan and although she has tried a few other classes, including some in New York, she says Flex’s are definitely the best. “I love Xtend Barre because it’s faster, elegant and fun. The instructors change the choreography every week and they add new moves all the time. I like that it always covers your arms, abs, butt and thighs, which most girls focus on. I am much more toned now and all my friends tell me so! I think Xtend Barre is the ideal workout for ladies.”

Michelle Liang has been going to Flex’s Xtend Barre classes for a year-and-a-half and says it never gets old. “I like how it is varied all the time and it constantly challenges me to push myself further. It is a fast-paced workout with high energy levels. I usually like to do it in the morning as it leaves me energized and ready to take on the day. I found that different instructors have slightly different styles, but they are all very good. I’d encourage people to try them all and mix it up.

She also says that as she joined Flex as a fitness novice, not only has she become more toned than she could imagine, but it helps her mentally too. “I think it’s something that helps me stay focused and challenges me to make small gains one step at a time.” And she adds, “I’d also like to think that I have gotten a tad bit more graceful after class following the lead of the instructors!”

With Levels I & II and Multilevel Xtend Workout, Xtend Cardio Blast and Xtend Stick classes offered daily, there’s no better way to kick start your summer bod this April. Sign up, collect your free gift and join our wonderful Flex community as you power through the challenge, adding energy, flexibility, lean tone and inspiration to your days throughout April. Check out www.flexhk.com to sign up.

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