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People retreat for as many reasons as there are retreats. The trick is to have an idea what you’re looking for and use the time you put your life on hold to kick start or speed up your physical fitness and flexibility, your mental peace, your emotional stability and spiritual healing. Sound like too much to ask for? Just escape your usual busy-ness, open yourself to healing and expect the unexpected.

You get to focus on your body and mind
No matter what you go into your retreat expecting or thinking will happen, changing your physical environment will always put you in a different state of mind. Choosing the right place is important – do your homework and make sure the retreat you choose is right for you. And when you have found the right place you’ll discover that the change of location sets your mind in a different place allowing you to free it, as well as concentrate on the body.
Kamalaya offers lush greenery, a private beach, deeply healing treatments, incredible cuisine and, for these dates only, stimulating, energising and inspiring yoga and Pilates instruction.

You get to reconnect with yourself and your goals
You need to consider, what are you after? Are you looking for time to get stuck into a physical exercise retreat or a relaxing retreat? One that helps you loose weight, work through mental issues and emotions, or one that takes you on a spiritual journey?
Our Cleanse & Energize retreat will kick-start your practice if you’re new to yoga or Pilates, or speed track you if you have an existing practice, while offering plenty of time off to physically, mentally and spiritually reconnect.

You get to inspire your daily diet
While food as medicine is key to a retreat, it could equally be no food as medicine. But if you’re not ready for something quite as hard core as a fast, make sure the retreat you’re considering has beautiful cuisine that will support your inner and outer healing. Working out physically, receiving spa treatments and eating well, together create a deep internal healing.
Kamalaya’s award-winning cuisine is justly world renowned. Come and be inspired gastronomically.

You get to transform your practice
When you put yourself on one trajectory of body and mind awareness, when you are constantly getting the same feedback and reinforcement neuro-muscularly, the difference you can make physically, as well as mentally and emotionally, is amazing.
Yoga, then Pilates, then yoga and so on helps each build on the other, the understanding of biomechanics in Pilates helping deepen your yoga practice and prevent injury, and the focus on breathing in yoga and bringing awareness to a particular moment helping you go deeper in Pilates.

On the Cleanse & Energize Flex Yoga and Pilates Retreat, Flex’s co-director Heather Thomas Shalabi and yoga instructor and homeopath Michelle Ricaille take their inspiring expertise and boundless enthusiasm to Kamalaya on the Thai island of Koh Samui for a retreat that combines yoga and Pilates, practiced in total harmony. Both instructors are certified in both methods and ensure that each class builds on the last, creating an incredible synergy between the two philosophies.

This dedicated retreat is intensive, transformative and focused, allowing you to really learn a new language for your body, begin to master both philosophies and return home with new skill sets.

The retreat takes place at one of Koh Samui’s most authentically healing and spiritually tuned retreats. Kamalaya is renowned for its cuisine, supporting spa treatments, private beach and lush wildflower-filled topical grounds. No need to wear the latest fashion, dress for dinner, be a certain fitness or flexibility level or even have any prior experience in yoga or Pilates. Just escape, let go of your urban stress, take all the time you need, be yourself and feel your body, mind, heart and soul relax, heal and transform.

Led by Michelle Ricaille and Heather Thomas Shalabi
27 October – 1 November 2015-09-23
Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa, Koh Samui

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