Why This Model and Dancer Chooses The Flex Barre Workout in Hong Kong

Posted on March 5, 2024

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We talk to professional dancer and model Sabrina Anderson about why she chose this Barre workout Hong Kong as her go-to exercise in the city

It isn’t hailed the ballerina’s workout for no good reason. Barre is a workout combining Pilates, dance and HIIT/cardio  in a dynamic and super-effective workout. We talk to Sabrina Anderson, who recently joined Flex Studio to teach Xtend Barre, which she does alongside modelling and performing as a professional dancer.

How did you get into Xtend Barre?

It was a way to enhance my strength, which is necessary for my dance career. I found that Xtend Barre gave me the best results for the long lean muscles I wanted. Barre also relates to dance very much with the cardio, toning of muscle, and moving to fun music… so I truly believe it’s a great fit for me. 

How would you define Xtend Barre to someone who has no idea what it is?

It’s the perfect blend of ballet and strength training. The exercise tones your body while you’re having fun doing it!

What made you decide to get certified in it? 

As a dancer I was taking Barre fitness Hong Kong to stay strong. After class one day, Flex’s Ballet Barre Hong Kong instructor Chelsea Wong  recommended I do the teacher certification. 

What makes Xtend Barre at Flex different from other Barre studios in the city like Webarre Hong Kong and Barre2barre Hong Kong?

I haven’t been to other Barre studios in HK. Anna Serafinas’ class at FLEX was my first Xtend Barre Hong Kong class, and I found it so challenging and efficient.  I admire her grace, elegance, and her impressive ballet background. I never wanted to go anywhere else. 

What are some misconceptions about Xtend Barre would you like to correct?

That light weights make it easy – which is absolutely not the case. We use light weights and do many reps and exercises to tone the entire arm to maximum capacity. It takes a lot of endurance and is very difficult… don’t underestimate it!

How are you as a Barre instructor? What do you bring to your classes?

I bring a lot of energy to the Barre! Plus, I think my music playlist is super fun! I also challenge my students to their full potential, and I’m a big stickler on posture and holding in abdominals all class long! 

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

In my spare time I enjoy taking ballet class, reading, drinking coffee and wine… depending on the time of day. I also love spending time with my friends and family even if it’s just over FaceTime. I also enjoy playing games and I can get very competitive!

How do you balance teaching, modelling and dancing in Hong Kong?

My schedule changes all the time so there’s nothing “normal” about it. When I have a big show, I spend most of my days rehearsing. If it’s a show that requires travel, then it’s such a bonus to explore cities in Asia. In evenings, sometimes I perform locally in Hong Kong or teach Xtend Barre. I love how it’s different all the time… it keeps me on my toes.

This April 19 and 26, Anna Serafinas Luk formerly of the Royal Academy of Dance in London will be leading an Xtend Barre Fundamentals Technique Workshop; click here to see the details and sign up. For the regular Xtend Barre schedule, click here; mention this blog to get 50% off your first class! Barre socks Hong Kong essential.

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