A Perfect Marriage – Reformer and Classical Mat

Posted on March 19, 2024

Are you addicted to Reformer? We don’t blame you. Its challenging yet feels great, and gets results.

However, as it is with most things in life, a bit of balance can make a big difference to your practice.

As Heather Thomas – Flex Singapore founder says – Reformer and Mat Pilates done in conjunction with each other create the perfect fit for achieving optimum results.

“In fact, Joseph Pilates designed the Classical method to be a combination of the two, as he believed this was the most efficacious format to improve spine health,” says Heather, who also co-founded the renowned home of Classical Pilates, Flex Hong Kong, back in 2005.

“At Flex, we offer both, and encourage you to mix it up, specifically because mat can be truly informative; a reminder of the basics; helping you improve on the foundations of the practice before advancing to another level.”

The reason why Flex does and always has offered mat classes is because, on the mat, your body is dealing with the power of gravity. There is so much resistance that a mat class can be a surprisingly intense workout, even if an exercise looks very simple or small.

“The Reformer’s benefits are myriad, too,” says Heather. “It allows us to achieve more complex movements with safety and find a greater range, utilizing the springs and straps to support and guide, strengthen and lengthen.”

That’s why Flex also offers a super popular Introduction to Classical Mat Flow course, which this year starts on March 18, runs for six weeks and is an opportunity to advance your knowledge or start your Pilates journey (see information below).

So apart from utilizing your own body strength, what does it involve?

Heather explains: “In a Flex Mat class, you are also doing the Classical Pilates method, and while this is mostly relying on your own body strength, it does involve everyone’s favorite – the spine corrector.”

Shaped like a half barrel, participants lie on the corrector, and with careful guidance, move the spine into extension and flexion, much like a backbend to forward bend. The corrector offers a stable and comfortable support base, which is brilliant for flexibility and correct alignment of the spine.

“We also utilize the corrector for abs and obliques. It’s really a mat version of ‘side over the box’ on the Reformer, but with the barrel as support,” says Heather. “It’s amazing how the range of motion can serve as a muscle reminder of your ab strength, spine health and alignment repertoire.”

Of course, Mat Pilates is perfect for those just starting out. It teaches us how to better control our movements using breath, focus and technique, without relying on what may seem like complicated equipment to a beginner.

“And with Classical mat, you’re also taking the guess work out of what you will do next. There is a format to Classical, a chance for you to naturally progress and eventually master it. This is a real confidence boost for beginners,” says Heather.

Introduction to Classical Pilates Mat Flow

Course Starts 18 March 2024 

Fees: SGD 220 for 6 week-course 

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Hong Kong
One Island South | Saturdays 1:30pm with Marlene
Central | Saturdays 4pm with Peter 

Fees: HKD 1500 for 6 week-course

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