10 Ways Pilates Can Help You Through Your Pregnancy

Posted on May 28, 2024

Are you an expectant mother? No matter how physically active or inactive you were prior to your pregnancy, you CAN work out safely and professionally with Flex Studio’s popular Pre-Natal Trio classes.

Long known in our original Hong Kong studio for effective and controlled classes for all stages of the pregnancy journey, our Trio classes in Singapore offer the same insightful advice, caring assistance, and informed support.

“Pilates is hands-down the most beneficial exercise for expectant women,” says Flex Singapore founder Heather Thomas.

And at Flex, we can’t stress enough how important it is to look after yourself while pregnant.

Before you join us, we have compiled Flex’s Top 10 Benefits of Pre-Natal Pilates:1. Support your Growing Baby

Joanna Ng, qualified Flex instructor, says: “Pre-Natal Pilates will enhance your pregnancy journey by increasing strength, stability, mobility and control to prepare you for the birth and recovery”.

Our prenatal Pilates exercises also aim to help expectant mothers to strengthen the lower abdominal region to support the growing baby and thereby alleviate lower back pain.2. Pelvic Floor Focus

Pilates will also help tone the pelvic floor muscles in preparation for delivery (and aid in recovery), improve posture (neck, shoulders, and mid-back) and develop an awareness of deep breathing to assist movement, among many benefits.3. Safety First

There are common exercises pregnant women should not do, and that’s why working out at Flex ensures you stay safe and informed throughout all trimesters. Pilates for pregnancy focuses on the key areas that need special care, such as upper body strength to prep for holding, feeding and carrying your baby, back and core strength to counterbalance a growing belly, butt and hamstring workouts to support a much heavier body, and stronger calves and Achille’s tendons to keep your balance intact.

As for what NOT to do:

  • Don’t do sit-ups or anything that compresses the abdomen
  • Try not to lie on your belly especially during exercise
  • Try not to lie on your back in the third trimester, especially when working out – this compresses the abdominal aorta and blocks blood flow to you and your baby

4. Variety and Social Contact

In Pilates, our superior quality equipment has a seemingly never-ending ability to offer up a new challenge, while props on the mat also ensure you never get bored.

Our Pre-Natal classes incorporate both mat work and reformer exercises to prepare your body for the birth of your baby. Plus, you’re working out with women in the same phase of life as you. Studies have shown that enjoying positive social connection is a great motivator when it comes to committing to regular exercise.

5. Modifications

During our Pre-Natal Trios, there are regular modifications for each trimester, enabling participants to achieve the optimum positioning for the safe arrival of their little ones. In other words, we tailor our sessions to suit you.

For example, you should not stretch excessively during the second and third trimesters

6. Mindfulness

There can be anxiety about the impending birth and responsibilities, especially for a first pregnancy, says Joanna. When she practiced Pilates throughout her three pregnancies, Joanna was impressed with how it provided both emotional and physical balance.

“Pilates brought mindfulness and body awareness, which I could apply to daily life.”

7. Improve your Chances of an Easier Labor

In 2021, a group of medical researchers released the findings of a report in the National Library of Medicine, entitled: The effectiveness of a Pilates exercise program during pregnancy on childbirth outcomes: a randomised controlled clinical trial

The results showed that “Pilates exercise during pregnancy significantly reduces the labor pain intensity, length of the active phase and second stage of labor and increases maternal satisfaction of the labor process.

“Based on … analysis, the mean whole length of labor was shorter in Pilates exercise group than in the control group”.

Of course, there is no guarantee, but as Heather says, the benefits of staying active, strong, supporting your body and mind and meeting others in the same phase of life as you, far outweigh doing nothing at all.

8. Core is Key

Back pain is a common complaint among pregnant women as they get heavier and their bellies begin to protrude, putting extra strain on their backs.

“Keeping your core muscles strong during pregnancy is essential,” says Nicole Serje, who runs Post-Natal Recovery Workshops at Flex in Hong Kong. “This means learning how to engage the core safely (remember. No flexion, like crunches!) which includes the deep abdominals, pelvic floor, diaphragm and muscles of the back.

This not only supports the extra weight and protects the back from injury and overstraining, but is also vital for post-natal recovery.”

9. Get the Right Balance

They say giving birth can burn more calories than running a marathon. Labor requires a tremendous amount of endurance, which is why exercising during pregnancy with professional and highly experienced trainers like ours at Flex is essential!

On the flipside, it’s important to remember: moderation is key. Especially as you approach your third trimester, follow your intuition and don’t overtax yourself of your baby. Excessively working out during pregnancy can put strain on your body and take the focus off the baby growing inside – which is, at the end of the day, the most important thing here. So listen to your body!

10. Learn When to Take it Easy

The ultimate goal is a safe and healthy baby, but with regular Pilates exercise, you will find your entire body is stronger, more stable and less prone to injury. This makes bouncing back to your pre-pregnancy shape and abilities so much easier.

However, give yourself ample time of rest a week or two before your delivery date. This means little to no exercise at all. Go for leisurely walks and undertake extremely light exercises weeks before your due date.

This is the time for you to relax and calm your nerves. The delivery and the first crazy months of your baby’s life will be hectic, so prepare yourself emotionally and mentally.

Flex Studio Singapore & M&G Aesthetics Body Sculpting and Wellness is giving all expectant mums the pre-natal gift of unforgettable experiences! We have crafted the perfect way to prepare yourself for the arrival of your newborn.

Our exclusive Flex x M&G Mother’s Day package come with extra doses of love and care, ensuring every moment is as special as the woman being celebrated.

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