Singapore Pilates

Joann Ng

Former banker turned Pilates instructor, Joann made the career shift to share her love of this amazing movement system. Years ago, she accidentally discovered Pilates at a trial class, not knowing what she’d signed up for. Joann was amazed by the rehabilitative effect Pilates had on old injuries she sustained as a swimmer and gymnast, which she’d assumed would be with her for life.

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Eva Wong

Eva started on her Pilates journey in 2016 as a client of Flex Hong Kong for her post-natal recovery. As a fitness enthusiast, she was immediately captivated by Classical Pilates with its systematic approach and emphasis on precision and control.

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Mirei Lim

Mirei’s first encounter with Pilates was coincidentally through her father! Her initial curiosity led her to immediately fall in love with Classical Pilates, even after practicing yoga for 15+ years, as well as being an avid swimmer, golfer and skier. It inspired her to enroll in Singapore’s first cycle of the renowned Alycea Ungaro’s REAL Pilates Teacher Training program in 2021.

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