The Wonderful Wunda Chair

Posted on May 6, 2024

It’s small, uncomplicated and yet packs a real punch when it comes to strengthening, improving functional movement and increasing muscle endurance. 

Welcome to the Wunda Chair, something you may have seen in the Flex Studio but are not sure how it works.

What makes this simple apparatus even more special is Joseph Pilates was the pioneer designer of the Wunda Chair, meaning it’s been around a long time – almost a century! Yet continues to work its magic. 

In 1945, Mr. Pilates created a smaller, lightweight version of the Wunda which could be folded to accommodate them in homes, carried to a studio, and double as a piece of furniture.

It was one of the first apparatus to have springs attached to a pedal.

But at Flex, how does the studio version work? Firstly, it’s not just for the lower body, but for the core, arms and shoulders. Secondly, it consists of a sturdy timber frame, padded seat, and adjustable springs.

And despite its innocent appearance, the Wunda Chair is one of Pilates’ most challenging pieces of equipment. 

So what’s so good about it and what can it do for you?

✓ Consists of a spring-loaded pedal, which provides added resistance against the body

✓ An excellent tool for strengthening the core, arms and legs

✓ Has less support, which means you can’t cheat and therefore get results more quickly

✓ Can accommodate a myriad of exercises from pull ups, the swan and the double leg pump.

Today, the chairs often come with a split pedal for those doing rehabilitation exercises, or an added spring for improved body movement. As you advance in your practice, the Wunda Chair is a brilliant tool for really challenging your stability and flexibility. 

“Once you’ve tried the Wunda Chair, you’ll want to keep going back to it,” says Flex Singapore founder Heather Thomas. “It really helps improve your posture, is great for rehabbing knee injuries (note to athletes, dancers, and cyclists) post-natal women, those with tight hip flexors, quads or back pain. In fact, it’s great for anyone seeking stronger, leaner, more functional muscles.”

At Flex, our small group classes and our popular private sessions regularly incorporate the Wunda Chair. Contact us now to book your Classical Pilates Trio Trial!

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